Willful Blindness

Willful blindness is a vice that's easy to fall prey to. It's all about reality avoidance. When I'm operating in willful blindness, I'm dead set on refusing to look at the handwriting on the wall. I instead cling to the belief that, "As long as I don't look, the problem isn't there." 

In my early twenties I engaged in this vice in regard to my checking account. As long as I didn't log in and look at it, it wasn't overdrawn! 

As founders, we can be so passionate about an idea or so hopped up on believing in the validity of our own value proposition, that we never stop to look up, we never come up out of the water for air; we just work, and work and work in willful blindness.

It's a vice because it's an act of cowardice. Instead, do something heroic. Look. Take a good hard look. 

Refusing to open your eyes and examine the evidence is a bad way to run your startup and an even worse way to run your life.

Ask a trusted friend or mentor, "Where do I have blind spots in my life?"