The Stuff You Surround Yourself With

Austin Kleon says, “You’re only going to be as good as the stuff you surround yourself with.” I think that’s true. If you surround yourself with Big Macs and french fries every day, you’re going to have serious problems with your health. If you surround yourself with good books and good people, my bet is you will have a good life. 

I think it’s an important reminder… look around. What surrounds you? Who surrounds you? What usually gets your attention? What activities soak up most of your free time? Are they growth oriented or not? Do they build up your character or gradually tear it down? 

Remember, just as what goes up, must come down; so, what goes in, must come out. Gulp. With that in mind, it couldn’t hurt to rethink our routines and schedules now and again.