Reading's ROI

One of the reasons I love reading so much is because of the ROI. Let's take Patrick Lencioni's, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, as a case in point. I paid $14 for the book and spent four hours reading it and digesting its concepts. That's my investment in.

Now, think about this. How long would it have taken me to figure out - on my own - how dysfunctional teams act and what can be done to fix them? 10,000 hours is not a bad guess. That’s what it takes to become an expert, so says the experts.

So, then it’s $14 & four hours or stumble and fumble as I go for a decade?

What area could you use some insight in? Attitude? Leadership? Parenting? Public Speaking? Marketing? Save yourself the time and heartache. Read a book. The ROI is off the charts.