The Wisdom of Stopping on Time

If you’re an achiever you love getting to work. Working on something you’re passionate about is an energizing and rewarding experience. You just can’t help but feel alive when you’re doing what you love. 

But, the problem achievers face when engaging in work they love is that of stopping. I am guilty of this myself. Often times, I can blow past a designated stop time and justify it by saying something like, “You’re in such a great flow, don’t stop now. Just a few more minutes. Finish working out that idea, finish those emails, finish that chapter.” And on it goes. 

Recently, I’ve discovered the fatal flaw in this kind of rationale. When you know you don’t have to stop on time, there’s no incentive for you to start on time either. In other words, you don't care if a meeting goes over ten or fifteen minutes, because you've gotten comfortable starting that meeting ten or fifteen minutes late anyway.  Again, I’m guilty as charged. But, it's slowly beginning to sink in with me. Just knowing I have to stop on time motivates me to always start on time. I think that's wisdom.

I want to be a person that has enough self-discipline to be able to start and stop on time. What about you? Is stopping hard for you also?