Run to Responsibility

The roots of opportunity lie in the soil of responsibility. 

That’s why, if you want to reach more and more of your potential, it’s critical you run to responsibility. 

At work, ask if you can take on something new or help out in a struggling area. Pick something that goes beyond your job description and take responsibility for its success.

At my company, I have an employee who does this. From day one he has always taken the initiative to start new things or finish old things. He’s taken on odd jobs, creative jobs, crummy jobs and mundane jobs, all the while exhibiting a great attitude. All of this “taking responsibility” has added up to new and exciting opportunities for him within our company and meaningful bumps in pay.  

So many are either afraid of taking responsibility or just choose to avoid it.  Don't be one of those persons. I say run to it because I've learned over the years that responsibility is usually the price of opportunity.