The Discipline of Collecting

When you come across something that moves you, it should never be taken lightly.  That’s why when a quote resonates with me from a book or article I’m reading, I make sure I collect it. Here are 3 reasons to discipline yourself to capture wise and inspiring words. 

1) If you don't write it down today, you'll forget it tomorrow
I am the king of this. It doesn't matter if the sentence consists of twenty words or just two, give me 24 hours and I will have forgotten it. I collect so I don't forget.

2) You may not need it today, but you'll need it tomorrow
We've all had the experience. We need something that we know we have... we just don't know where we put it. You never know when you'll need that amazing quote you just read. Why not file it away and save yourself the heartache? 

3) You may have needed it today, but someone else may need it tomorrow
If a quote moves you, it will move someone else too.  So, why not share? I make time every week to share inspiring words with friends and co-workers and also my followers on Twitter. When someone favorites or retweets something I posted, I know it really connected with them and that's worth the effort.

I collect quotes, thoughts and my own ideas using Evernote on my iPhone. It’s so easy and I can organize, tag and search the content whenever, wherever.

This act of collecting has become a daily discipline for me, and the results from it have been incredible. Whatever you do, don’t let good quotes come and go. Collect them. Who knows what might come of it?