What Speaking in Public Does for You

Every two weeks I get up and speak to my company on the topic of personal growth. The setting is intimate. The group is small. And the pressure is always on. Even after doing it for a year and a half now, I still get uneasy and anxious as the day looms near.

Like most people, I just don’t feel comfortable getting up in front of people and speaking publicly. The main reason I do it, however, is because speaking in public is one of the fastest ways to grow.

Here’s what speaking in public does for you:
• It makes you commit
• It makes you think
• It makes you write
• It makes you rewrite
• It makes you repeat
• It makes you learn
• It makes you uncomfortable

And if the talk is not a complete disaster…

• It makes you happy

One way to level up fast is to incorporate teaching or public speaking into your schedule. It makes you go through all of the stuff mentioned above, and all of the stuff mentioned above is growth stuff.