Seek to Follow Through

Seek to follow through.
Seek to follow through when things are marvelous.
Seek to follow through when things get monotonous.
And seek to follow through when everything becomes miserable.

Seek to follow through in the good, bad, and ugly moments of whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. When you do end up following through, you build something invaluable—mental toughness. A one-word description for mental toughness is fortitude, which means, the strength of mind to endure adversity with courage. 

Fortitude is one of the most important character traits you can possess. It’s one trait that increases your chances of success more than most because the universal rule states that anything worth achieving will cost twice as much and take twice as long as you think.

And lastly, when you follow through, you do something mature. You part with adolescence and move toward adulthood.

The immature mind hops from one thing to another; the mature mind seeks to follow through.
— Harry Overstreet