Go to Work On Your Personality

Did you know you have a basic personality type that plays a huge role in determining the actions you take every day? 

Do you know what type you are?

There are many tests you can take to find out. One I like is called the Enneagram among others. I highly recommend you take a personality test to gain insight into your natural temperament. 

These tests do an excellent job of keying you into the healthy and harmful aspects of your temperament. Identifying the negative aspects were, far and away, the most helpful thing about taking it. 

I found it invigorating to take actionable steps on such low-hanging fruit to self-improvement.  Reducing the harmful tendencies in your personality is also one of the best ways to level up. Marshall Goldsmith wrote about this very thing in his book entitled, What Got You Here Won't Get You There. You may want to check it out. 

Take a test. Better acquaint yourself with what makes you tick. And have the courage to make the necessary changes.