Principles Were Made to Be Bent

Principles aren’t made to be broken, but every once and a while they should be bent. 

A principle is really just wisdom for living. It’s a bite-sized piece of philosophy that has been tried, tested and found true—most of the time. 

But, principles must always be counterbalanced by circumstances. And sometimes circumstances dictate that a principle should be bent. The trick is to discern the "when" and then to define the "how." 

A principle I live by is “Persevere, even when it hurts.” This is good advice. It’s just if, I take it to the extreme, by applying it to every situation in my life, I can find myself holding onto things that should’ve been let go of long ago. Sometimes letting go is the better, wiser choice.

My advice is this: Don’t be overly hardcore when it comes to keeping your principles. But, don’t just break them whenever it’s convenient. Instead, discern when circumstances dictate that a principle should be relaxed and go ahead and bend.