4 Ways to Expand Your Capacity

Our potential is vast. We just need to be continually expanding our capacity in order to reach it.

Here are 4 ways to do so:

1) Stay Aware
The first step in personal growth is this: begin paying attention to what you’re doing. Awareness gives you the foresight or vision to know the next step you should take.

2) Take Courage
Just because you know what step to take, doesn’t guarantee you’ll take it. Courage is how you actually cross the threshold of your current capacity. 

3) Embrace Discipline
If you want to expand your capacity, you’re going to have to embrace a life of discipline. Discipline is where we build new habits and ultimately forge our character. It’s where we go from doing something to becoming someone.

4) Execute
Execution is all about bringing things to completion. It's about finishing. It’s true what they say, “Execution is the gap between promises and results.” And results are always the proof of potential reached.