Every Day is a Good Day for Growth


Do you have time each day dedicated to the pursuit of growth and learning? I’m talking about a self-managed time spent reading, writing and thinking—every day. If not, here are 3 reasons to get some Growth Time on your calendar each day:

1) A Growth Time is the staple in the successful person’s schedule

All successful people know that success is only a byproduct of value. Becoming valuable and creating value are the keys to success. There's no getting around it, you increase your value through consistent effort over time. So, those who consistently show up for their dedicated period of learning every day are those who will experience success.

2) Growth Time protects against atrophy

As human beings, we’re always in a state of flux. We’re either growing or dying; there is no such thing as maintenance mode. A Growth Time is exercise for the soul. It builds up the muscles of the mind and ensures you never get caught falling behind.

3) A Growth Time is your time

A Growth Time is a form of solitude. It’s an opportunity to get away from everything else and focus on your development. We all  need alone time, and a Growth Time ensures it happens.

It's been ten years since I first started my own Growth Time. I love it more today than ever before. Indeed, the duty has turned into delight, and the act a habit. Make sure a dedicated period of growth finds a home on your calendar each and every day.