Investing in Others is Investing in Yourself

Growing isn’t just about reading a book, taking a class, learning a new skill or practicing a new discipline. It’s also about investing in the life of another.

"But won’t I waste precious time if I stop and invest in others?" Not at all.

In fact, it’s my experience that investing my time in others is one of the best ways to invest in myself.

It’s important for us to purposely take someone with us on our journey of growth. Could it be your wife, best friend or sibling? You obviously can’t take someone with you who doesn’t want to go, but I find that most people want to grow. Discern the right traveling companion and get going.

One way to take someone with you is to discover their goals and get involved in their success. Being an encourager and helping to hold someone accountable are two of the greatest attributes of a growth friend.

You know what’s cool about this whole thing? When you exert energy on behalf of someone else and their goals, don’t be surprised to see them reciprocating concerning yours.