Follow the Right Framework

A framework is a hidden structure that's sole purpose is to support something visible

Think of the framing in a house and you'll have the right idea. The framing supports the room you sleep in, the kitchen you cook in and the bathroom you… let's just say it makes the home possible. 

If the framing is done right on the inside, whatever you build on the outside will last. 

But, if you don't construct the proper framework, then it doesn't matter how grandiose your plans are, it won't be a successful build because you didn't take care to follow the proper guidelines.

Understanding and implementing the correct framework allows you to build whatever kind of house you want successfully. 

When it comes to your career, your calling - or whatever you want to call it - knowing all the details at the outset isn’t all that important; you just need to make sure you nail the framework. 

The Framework for Growth  

  • Awareness
  • Courage
  • Discipline
  • Execution

These four areas represent stages in a growth cycle that build on itself, and they work together to form the right framework on the inside. By taking these four practices and turning them into habits, you allow yourself to build whatever you want on the outside.

I’m telling you the truth. Satisfying destinations abound for the one who follows the right framework.