Turning Points

A Turning Point is an earthquake of the soul. 

It’s a seismic shift in our outlook and way of life. Its aftermath leaves us unsettled, redefined, changed, and there’s no going back.

Everybody experiences turning points in their lives, and they look different for everyone also. They can be as obvious as a wedding or a conversion experience and as subtle as a timely word spoken by a mentor or a nascent thought that causes you to rethink your thinking.  

The point is to know that these quakes are waiting for you. They can strike at any moment. So, make sure they redefine you in the right way.  

While it’s true, the days and weeks of our lives are for the most part stable; life can, and often does, change in an instant. You will experience turning points. They’re coming. 

Take some time this week to reflect. Answer this question: What have been some of the turning points in my own life?