Develop Yourself for Our Sakes

Value is what makes the world go round. We create it, consume it, sell it, lend it, and spend it every single day. 

Every day, the world moves thanks to each person who contributes their part to the human value chain. If everyone took a day off,  on the exact same day, the world would come grinding to a halt. That’s enough economics, for now, let’s get back to you. 

The reason we need you to develop yourself to the best of your ability is because the value you create will be the value we consume.

Skip a day of creating value, and the world doesn’t skip a beat. Skip a decade and you make us all poorer. 

The point is, we need you to become all you can be. The value you create is your gift to us. And the value you create will inspire and incite us to do the same. Certainly, develop yourself for your sake, but do it also for ours.