Deeper Roots

Worthy endeavors. We all want one. We’re all looking to make our mark, to make a difference, to make a dent in the universe. To do this, you’ll need roots that go deep.

Think about it:

Deep roots make for tall trees. Shallow rooted trees, however, are small and unremarkable. The growth paradox is this: The deeper you go, the higher you’ll reach.

The Growth Paradox: The deeper you go, the higher you’ll reach.

Deep roots guarantee strong trees. But shallow rooted trees are susceptible to adverse conditions. Jim Rohn says that when you boil it down, life is opportunity mixed with difficulty. Deeper roots increase your odds of persevering through all the challenges headed your way. 

Deep roots ensure the health of a tree. On the contrary, a shallow rooted tree is at the mercy of other influences for its well-being. It’s natural to want approval from others; but, often, this desire degenerates into a craving and becomes inordinate. Deeper roots resolve this problem because they naturally yield greater confidence in yourself. 

You can make your mark. You can make a difference. You can make your dent, but only by going deeper.