Procrastination is Irrational

Achievers do sooner what others do later.
— Gary Keller

Why do we devote so much time to procrastinating? We know we're going to have to do "it" eventually, so why not just do "it" now? 

Procrastination is irrational.

One of the secrets of those who achieve much in life is this: They spend less time delaying, stalling, and dragging their feet. They just roll up their sleeves and get to work on whatever it is they know they should be doing.

They've learned that the anguish and pain they feel inside about doing a certain task or project is nonsense. The work itself is never as bad as the voices inside make it out to be.

Procrastination is as much of a character issue as it is a time-management issue. Every day, make a commitment to do the work that needs to be done.

Then, of course, go out and do it. You'll love yourself for it.