Follow Your Opportunities

Don’t follow your passion, but always bring it with you.
— Mike Rowe

“Follow your passion” isn’t great advice. It’s not that passion is bad, it’s actually an important part of work and life. But it is just that—a part. Passion is not the whole shebang and therefore silly to single out as the only thing worth following.

Here’s some great advice, “Follow your opportunities.”

Opportunities are great to have because they bring together a combination of favorable circumstances.


  • I had the opportunity of knowing exactly what Pastors needed because I grew up the son of a pastor.
  • I also had the opportunity to become skilled at Adobe Photoshop because I accidentally discovered a copy of it on our family computer when I was 16.

These two favorable circumstances, combined with a few others led me to start my first company in 2005: A graphic design business that helped Pastor’s magnify their weekly messages. 

I wasn’t passionate about graphic design, but I was good at it and enjoyed adding value to others. Over the next few years –and thanks to the opportunities I pursued–I discovered what my real passion was: entrepreneurship. 

3 Things to Keep in Mind Concerning Passion:

1) You have more passions than you know. Opportunities draw them out. 

2) You’re more likely to discover your passion through an opportunity, even a small one.   

3) Don’t deliberately shun small opportunities; they all usually start out that way. It’s your job to grow that small opportunity into something larger.