The More We Give...

No one has ever become poor from giving.
— Anne Frank

While financial giving has been a staple in my life, I must confess, it rarely comes easy. Just before I sign a check or click a 'give' button, I often experience this urge to stop what I'm doing.  The spirit of Tolkien's Gollum comes over me. "My Precious" is how I begin thinking and feeling about my possessions. 


Then I had this thought the other day: 

How can I, a citizen of the richest, most prosperous country in human history be so disinclined to give?

I want generosity to pervade everything I do. Generous with my time. Generous with my words. And, yes, generous with my money. 

But won't I become poorer? Actually, it's the opposite; and deep down, we all know it. The more we give, the richer we become.