Disorganization is a Symptom

Status quo is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in.’
— Ronald Reagan

Confusion, disorder, turmoil, these are all good descriptors for what we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives—the mess of a soul. The inner chaos is hard to contain and often breaks out into our physical spaces as well.  Disorganization is a symptom of the status quo.

One way to break it is to begin cleaning and ordering the rooms in which you live. If your study, for example, is littered with mail, unread books, and general clutter, spend some meaningful time tidying. Open every letter, throw away every piece of junk; and, out of the unread stacks of books, pick one to start reading and shelve the rest.

Cleaning up a space you live in, and love will begin the process of purging the disorder and mess inside. It’s a first step. It’s a way of getting started. It's a way of shedding a single beam of light into your soul. And it's the easiest way to begin putting distance between you and the status quo.