These 5 Things Are Happening Every Week. No Excuses.

How do you define a rock solid work week? Have you put stakes in the ground and said, regardless of what's thrown my way, these are the things that are getting done? 

If not, think about it this week. If I accomplish nothing else but the 5 things on the list below, I know that I will have put in a good week's worth of work. If you're an entrepreneur, some of the items on my list may resonate with you. Use them. Just get yourself a list and then make it happen.

1) I Develop Digital Assets 

Digital Assets:  Digitally-Distributable content birthed from your head and heart that makes money for you while you sleep. 

Producing proprietary content is a sure-fire way of producing freedom in your life, something which I am passionate about. 

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Today, in my 30s, I enjoy the fruit of a passive revenue stream because I learned in my 20s the value of diligently producing digital content. For a decade I have been building up an army of assets, some of which I have sold, and others which are helping me to realize a residual stream of freedom and revenue.

Why digital? Because of the distribution perks. Digital means you have an unlimited supply. It means you don't have to worry about inventory management. Talk to anybody who manages inventory and you'll quickly find out how sweet it truly is. 

2) I Develop Permission Assets

Permission Asset:  An email list, a blog, a podcast, a Facebook page, a Twitter or Instagram account, a YouTube video channel, etc. 

Permission assets are a free way to broadcast the proprietary content you're creating on an ongoing basis.

"Permission" is about getting approval to engage someone. That approval materializes in the form of a like, a follow, a sign up, or a subscription. In short, eyeballs. 

Here are four reasons you should be developing your own permission assets:

• A free way to grow your customer base
• A path to establishing yourself as an authority
• A good track for exercising your content-creating muscle
• A mode for helping others

3) I Develop Trust Agents

Trust agents:  People in and around your space who are speaking to the audience you want to speak to. 

Every week I connect or reconnect with one or two of my trust agents. The first step is to position whatever gifts I may possess in such a way that it benefits their audience. I then request their help with a project I'm working on. The goal is to help each other in meaningful ways. 

I'm not just talking about scratching backs here though. Below the surface of every great relationship is a bedrock of trust. So make sure your relationship with your trust agents displays characteristics like these:

Empathy - You actually care about the other person's world 
Camaraderie - You have a link that binds the two of you 
Self-Sacrifice - You freely give of your time and talent

4) I Develop My Team

Team Development:  A scheduled time for inspiring and teaching your team in the area of growth

I calendar in time every week for developing and mentoring team members corporately and one-on-one. This is the newest non-negotiable on the list for me and it's the one I'm most excited about.

We all know the phrase, "More is caught than taught." And while it's true, it shouldn't keep you from "sacrificing" your time to explicitly teach. 

The problem for most entrepreneurs is this: When we hear the term "develop" we naturally think in terms of developing systems, processes and pipelines. We don't immediately think of developing people. 

But if we're serious about company growth then we have to ensure our people are growing. Here's the one caveat. You can't develop your team if you're not developing yourself.  Which brings us to the most critical item on my list. 

5) I Develop Myself

Me Development:  A meaningful chunk of my week spent on growth and learning 

Each day we experience the compounding results of our cumulative days lived. 

That's the Law of Accumulation and it can work for you or against you.

I've taken these words from John Maxwell to heart, "You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily."

That's why I typically wake up at 5:30am and spend the first two-and-a-half hours of my day growing spiritually and personally. If people wonder how I accomplish so much, I always tell them about my schedule of personal growth. Those that don't see the correlation, haven't learned the Law of Accumulation. 

When you've been doing something consistently for a decade, the cumulative effects can be staggering. 


As an entrepreneur you control every moment on your schedule. You decide what you're going to put your hand to. In all of the projects and tasks you'll engage in each week make sure that each one of them is soaked in intentionality. 

Don't just get stuck in a reactionary posture, but corral your minutes and hours giving each of them a mission. No excuses.