Some Things We Learn to Love Slowly

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I heard this chef, Francis Mallmann, say something the other night that blew me away.

This world-renown chef lives on an island in Argentina, 100 miles away from modern civilization. To get there you have to drive a couple of hours on a dirt road until you reach the shore of a lake surrounded by mountains. From there, you must hitch a ride on an avon, which is an inflatable boat, for about an hour until you arrive at his tiny forested island.

In referring to his island-home, this place where he's lived for some time, Francis says, "It's a land you learn to love very slowly."

That phrase blew me away. Something about it struck me.

Learning to love something slowly might seem like bad advice. If you have to learn to love something slowly, is it worth loving?

But Francis is on to something here.

This is good advice because often the learning that needs to take place—is in us. 

There's something in us that needs to change, and change takes time. In an ironic twist, it's even possible to start out hating this thing we eventually learn to love, all because we find it incredibly difficult, or radically different from our current selves.

Wise people know they're not yet as they should be. Growth is a lifelong endeavor. If it takes a while for you to come to love something new or different, don't let that discourage or stop you.

Sometimes the things that take longer to love end up being stronger loves than those we fall head-over-heels for.

Some things we learn to love slowly.

Writing and Speaking fall in the "love slowly" category for me, but now I really enjoy them. How about you?