10 Reasons to Stop Growing

Every once and a while I experience a dark night of the soul. I want to throw in the towel and go back to an old version of myself, a version that had little to do with growth. On one of those dark nights I determined to write a list of reasons not to grow in an effort to count the cost. 

Benjamin Franklin said that decisions are hard to come by precisely because not all of the options are present in the mind at the same time. This exercise of writing out the “pros of not growing” put all of the options on the table. Here’s what I came up with:

10 Reasons to Stop Growing

1) No more vacating my warm bed before sunrise. Bye bye alarm clock. 

2) More binge watching on Netflix! #Autoplay

3) Call reading quits… minus the movie descriptions on iTunes. Wait, I can just watch the trailers!

4) Late night eating!

5) Vanquish the anxiety of having to get up and speak publicly.

6) Hide from reality. Get absorbed in the latest video game. 

7) Save money by suspending all book buying.

8) Stop wasting my time queuing up and sharing content on my blog & Twitter

9) Eliminate the excruciatingly painful process in my life known as writing

10) Enjoy a more comfortable life. Avoid pain, reflection and change

While all of these reasons provide a teaspoon of pleasure, they’re also accompanied by a bucketful of regret. A comfortable life is a waisted life. An easy existence doesn’t satisfy. It only starves us on the inside.

If you’re just getting serious about growth, here too, is my list of 10 Ways to Get Growing.

10 Ways to Get Growing

1) Rise early

2) Give entertainment its proper place and no more

3) Read voraciously

4) Master your apetites

5) Teach and speak about what you’re learning

6) Pay attention to what you’re doing

7) Invest in yourself

8) Share what you’re learning beyond your immediate circle of influence

9) Write, write, write. Leave lessons, recollections and thoughts for your great, great grandchildren.

10) Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

A life chocked full of challenges, self-imposed or otherwise, is a life brimming with meaning. While some of the reasons on my "Stop Growing" list were alluring, I'm happy to report, none of them convinced me to actually stop. I’m sticking with growth this year and I hope you do too.

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