The Last Loss

Life is a series of successive losses. First we lose the warmth of the womb, our first home. Progressing through infancy and childhood losses continue to mount: our maternal dependence evaporates as we learn to eat solid foods and control our bowels. Next we lose our toys, our games, even the art of play slips away. Adolescence steals our favorite heroes: mom and dad. 

On and on the losses continue. 

With parenthood comes the loss of independence, with old-age, the loss of movement and mind. Finally, the last loss, our breath is taken from us. 

Loss, it turns out, is an effective teacher, forcefully reminding us that stagnancy isn’t an option. It’s not in the cards. If you were given the option, as a tiny infant, to stay in the womb or break free into the light, what would you choose? My guess is the majority of us would opt for the womb – the safety of stagnancy.

Of course this is not how the Creator set things up.

His entire strategy seems to be pushing us to grow, to change, to transform. In our lifetime, through the process of loss, we’re given opportunity after opportunity to morph and mature. 

My hunch is that the final loss is no loss at all, but the opposite – gain. To truly experience that great gain we have to embrace the losses. There’s no other way.