Startups Reflect Those Who Create Them

All startups reflect those who create them. They take on a persona whether we like it or not. That persona is expressed with every site visit, email exchange, and transaction receipt. What persona are we putting out? What does our startup say about us?

A persona is the aspect of someone’s character that is perceived. It's a glimpse, a screenshot, a hint of our character. In every facet of our startup, its character that comes through. 

Everything we create gives expression to our character.

Character is communicated when our customers read a support email, open the packaging or our products, clicks through our shopping carts, or chats with customer service team members. Do we realize this? Are we cultivating the right persona? This matters because personas get cemented in brains, whether good or bad.

Persona is rooted in the word mask. A mask can be good or bad right? A bad mask hides, a good mask hints, revealing a piece of our character. 

You know people that hide behind masks and I’m not advocating that. I’m championing intentionality. Think of a superhero’s mask, like Spiderman. Its red with black webbing weaved throughout. Why webbing? Because it hints at his powers to blast webbing from his wrist. The mask is an expression of who he is, or who he has become. By wearing it, he is communicating his persona to the world. Our startups are like masks.

What does your startup hint about you?