Josh's Pick

Renovation of the Heart

By Dallas Willard

After The Spirit of the Disciplines and Divine Conspiracy, Dallas gave us, Renovation of the Heart, an eye-opening book that teaches us how to put on the character of Christ.

The biggest takeaway for me was his distinctions of the human self and his insistence that each area needs to be transformed by God: Heart, Mind, Body, Social and Soul. Transformation starts in the heart, spirit or will of a person and then emanates out to our mind (the thoughts and feelings), body, social surroundings, eventually transforming the entire soul of the person.

For me, Willard is the new Lewis.


The greatest need you and I have - the greatest need of collective humanity - is renovation of the heart. That spiritual place within us from which outlook, choices, and actions come has been formed by a world away from God. Now it must be transformed.
— Dallas Willard
Spiritual formation in Christ is the process by which one moves and is moved from self-worship to Christ-centered self-denial as a general condition life in God’s present and eternal kingdom.
— Dallas Willard