Josh's Pick

So Good They Can't Ignore You

BY Cal Newport

The book is a manifesto on the utmost importance of getting good at something rare and valuable. This evolution of getting good at something is what brings about career happiness, not just picking something you're passionate about.

Cal argues that, "follow your passion" can be bad advice. He goes on to juxtapose the passion mindset from the craftsmen mindset and says that the craftsmen mindset is a sure fire way to lead you to doing work that you love.

The craftsmen mindset says that "no one owes you a great career. You have to earn it–and the process won't be easy." The Craftsmen mindset "asks you to leave behind self-centered concerns about whether your job is 'just right,' and instead put your head down and plug away at getting really good."

For many in my generation, the rejection of “follow your passion” as career advice is heretical.
— Cal Newport
Most avoid the uncomfortable strain of deliberate practice like the plague, a reality emphasized by the typical cubicle dweller’s obsessive email-checking habit—for what is this behavior if not an escape from work that’s more mentally demanding?
— Cal Newport